The Company’s history has its roots in the province of Cremona, where, more than forty years ago, a patent number 168558 is filed for a small round pool with an inflatable part, the first LAGHETTO pool, the LAGHETTO that made history.


The path of the company, since 1974, has been a succession of innovative and unique patent ideas of their kind that made Piscine Laghetto a real revolution in the market. And thanks to the ideas of the engineer Luigi Spedini, soul of the company and the creative genius who, by the first patent, we have reached the cutting-edge pools today.

In 1982 Classic is designed, a rectangular pool with white top border and blue walls, that has become and Icon in the above-ground pool market. Given the extraordinary performance and extreme flexibility of Laghetto Classic, Piscine Laghetto still continues proudly manufacturing this model for over 40 years.

In the 80’s Piscine Laghetto establish itselff as mayor player in the pool industry and expand overseas, where the US subsidiary Super Splash Pool Ltd starts the operations in 1986.

The years pass by and the company grows successfully to become leader in the global market of above-ground pools.

The attention to design becomes the common thread of all Laghetto products, and is time for the birth of the seminal Bluespring patent, an elegant infinity pool with clean and essential lines.


In 2007, the continuous research of the Laghetto team find the perfect solution to make an above-ground pool that rivals, for elegance and functionality, with in-ground pools: it comes the revolutionary Dolcevita model. Dolcevita is suitable for any architectural environment, a pool where technology and Italian beauty meet to create a special product, tailored, modular and customizable.

Since the year 2000 Laghetto products can be found in every corner of the World. The company is able to meet any request, from Olympic pools for professional use to special pool for big events, both in the public and private sectors. The Wellness division also becomes an important contribution to the growth of the brand; wellness centers in large hotels Spa and for individual customers are designed.


From 2013 Pools Laghetto exhibited at Fuorisalone del Mobile in Milan in collaboration with major brands such as Paola Lenti, Davide Groppi and Oikos. The products highlighted are Isola and City Pool, two creations of Laghetto Architectural line. The Company confirms its leadership in design and its connotation of “Made in Italy”.

On the occasion of his first 40 years of activity the Company the launch the colorful POP! , a design object that decorate for original gardens immediately usable.


The Laghetto Team never stops, and the latest creation is PLAYA, the versatile mini-pool that combine an elegant design with heated water, whirlpool suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Lightweight and modular, can be placed on a  terrace, in a garden, a patio or inside the house as a real living room of water.

Today the company has over 250,000 satisfied customers, a wide range of products distributed in all continents with guaranteed service, attention to safety and environment with an unique style where design and Italian taste for beauty make it recognizable around the world. It is now within the FLUIDRA Group, that the brand continues to innovate to make the design and the very Italian style of LAGHETTO pools a worldwide standard. The development continues, the story is far from over…



Agrisilos is the company which started and owns the brand Piscine Laghetto. Operating since the early ’70s in the field of in ground and above ground pools, it is now worldwide known  as leader, forerunner of trends and owner of some of the most important and revolutionary patents in the industry.

The constant introduction of new projects and the cutting-edge  technology have marked  the company development  in time that today stands for quality and Italian design.



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