e-tè-re-a pure, clear, bodiless.

“eterea, a wellness space, a memorable experience out of the ordinary.A product of Italian design with a core of velvet capable of dispensing unforgettable emotions.
eterea represents at best our philosophy of wellness that combines latest generation technology, precious materials and sophisticated design for a unique experience of comfort and relax.
eterea is a product born for professional use in hotel rooms and wellness centers that fits perfectly in the most prestigious and refined spaces of private homes..”

The range includes 3 cabins: Eterea Steam, Eterea Sauna ed Eterea Shower

Design. Sergio Bizzarro



Essential shapes, precious chrome plating, innovative and minimal design. Eterea Steam is an exclusive concept related to vapor as total wellness element. Become enfolded by nebulized essences, essential oils and aromas to stimulate all the senses and indulge in not only moments of relaxation, but take advantage from the steam for the health and beauty of your skin.


A wellness space that combines the latest technology, the elegant design and high quality materials with comfort and relaxation. The effect of opening the large panoramic front windshield, the craftsmanship of the details, the use of selected essences for the wooden structure, the enveloping and ergonomic shape of the internal seatings , the touch screen control panel makes operating Eterea Sauna an experience of well-being unique and unrepeatable.


A multi-sensory and emotional journey into wellness and relaxation. Eterea Shower amplifies the concept of emotional shower. The aromatherapy and color therapy, combined with the alternation of the water jets, sublimate the positive energy, making the shower the time a refreshing habit of psychological and physical well-being, which involves all the senses into ever new and unique experience of relaxation . Eterea Shower offers the possibility of having the steam bath integrated, the Eterea ShowerSteam solution.