Company - Piscine Laghetto


Great ideas often come about by coincidence.

The story of Piscine Laghetto began in a hot summer in Cremona (Italy): it was 1974 and in the courtyard of Agrisilos, a company producing agriculture’s materials, a round swimming pool in rubberised canvas with an inflatable ring appeared as a toy for the owners’ children to play in and cool down in the heat of the Po Valley summer.

The first Laghetto had just been created.

A simple idea that proved to be a successfully one right from the beginning, immediately attracting everyone’s attention, so much so that patent No. 168558 was immediately registered.

These were years of prosperity and economic growth and the idea of a garden swimming pool that was easy to build, beautiful and durable captured the public so much that in a short time Piscine Laghetto became the reference brand for above- ground pools market.

The Piscine Laghetto story is one of success, of great intuition, constantly new and avant-garde projects, characterised by attention to quality and customer service, without ever losing the sight of Italian style and design.

Since 2017, Agrisilos – Piscine Laghetto has become part of the Fluidra group, a quoted Spanish multinational, world leader in the swimming pool and wellness sector.


In over 45 years of history, Piscines Laghetto has entered the homes and gardens of more than 250,000 customers all over the world with its wide range of products.


By always putting the quality and durability of its pools first, it has coloured the summers of countless families and has been the protagonist of the enjoyment of at least three generations: the Classic pool, with its characteristic blue Laghetto with white edge pvc liner, has become an icon of the above-ground market, often copied by competitors, but never matched in quality and durability.


Also Dolcevita represent a category of very high-level pools, able to furnish any garden or outdoor area with taste and to adapt to all living and environmental requirements, even where it is difficult to install a different pool.


The after-sales service is another of the company’s priorities, so that those who choose a Piscine Laghetto product can enjoy their swimming pool in a simple, safe and carefree way from the very first day.


Piscines Laghetto has always distinguished itself for its ability to understand and anticipate the trends and expectations of its customers, trying to propose products that are excellent on the technical side and at the same time iconic and of great design.


The Piscine Laghetto range is constantly evolving and over the years has been enriched with new and innovative products.


After the success of Classic, a must-have since the 1980s, Laghetto technology has also given life to in-ground pools, such as Bluespring, an infinity pool with elegant and pure lines.


The research and development department, which has always winked at Italian design and style, in the 2000s found its maximum expression with the Dolcevita line: high-end above-ground pools, modular and customisable in terms of finishes, functional and of great value just like the in-ground pools.


This was the beginning of Laghetto’s adventure in the world of architecture and home design: the company took part in several editions of the Fuori Salone in Milan (Design Week) with iconic and evocative installations that captured the opinion of the critics.


In 2014 Laghetto presents the new concept of ‘water lounge’ with the innovative Playa and Playa Living, the mini-pool that can become a real furniture, with soft sunbathing areas, heater and bubble massage.


The same year also saw the launch of the POP! project, which dresses the ‘soft’ above-ground pool in fresh, summery colours and makes it the star of summer gardens.


Finally in 2021, with the launch of Divina, a partially-inground pool of great value, combining elegance, technology and all the unmistakable style that has characterised all Piscine Laghettos for over than 45 years.


The production part of Agrisilos – Piscine Laghetto has always been located in the Vescovato plant, a few kilometres from Cremona (Italy). Today, the company covers a total area of about 10,000 square metres, where the actual production area, part of the warehouse and the commercial, administrative and technical office areas are located. Since 2021, the area dedicated to the warehouse and logistics has been further expanded with a facility a few kilometres from Vescovato, in order to allow the improvement of services for the storage and delivery of materials.


In 2018 the company obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification for its production and design processes, implemented also thanks to the LEAN production line, which streamlines and optimises production times and processes.


There is also a large outdoor exhibition area and an indoor showroom where all the pools in the range are presented.


Agrisilos – Piscine Laghetto does not sell directly to the end customer, but makes use of a widespread network of Authorised Dealers distributed throughout Italy and in over 100 foreign countries.