Yacht - Piscine Laghetto


In your garden the pleasure of life on board

  • Model Yacht
  • Designer Luigi Spedini

The Yacht model is the top of the Piscine Laghetto swimming pools collection, an iconic object that furnishes the corner of the garden in a single solution.

Created according to contemporary Italian design and the experience of over 45 years of technology in the world of swimming pools, Yacht lets you enjoy the comforts and refinements of life on board.

The easy and comfortable access to the water and the soft sun cushions make it a privilege to experience Yacht in the peacefulness of your own garden.

  • Model Yacht
  • Family Home Design
  • Installation Above-ground
  • Product Type Pool with self-standing structure
  • Finishes Hand Woven Wicker Panels
  • Sizes 2x4 - 2x5 - 3x5 - 3x6 - 3x7 (water sizes)
  • Structure Zinc Magnesium with epoxy coating (ZMSV-TEC technology)
  • Pool Liner Polyesters fibers and high strength polymers membrane
  • Liner Colour White
  • Installations Sand or Cartridge filtration
  • Coverings Hand Woven Wicker Panels
  • Panel Colours Laghetto White
  • Equipment Tank, ladder and platform, plexiglass parapets, woven synthetic fibre covering, panelling with integrated edge, too-full system, stainless steel ladder, led light(s), vacuum cleaner
  • Options Winter pool cover, summer cover, comfort step, sunbed, counter-current swimming kit, 7 jets whirlpool corner, special steel base for ground assembly
  • Warranty 5 Years (structure and liner) - 2 Years (other parts and accessories)
24 2 x 4 2,40 x 6,35 1,2 1,3 9,6
25 2 x 5 2,40 x 7,35 1,2 1,3 12
35 3 x 5 3,40 x 7,35 1,2 1,3 18
36 3 x 6 3,40 x 8,35 1,2 1,3 21,6
37 3 x 7 3,40 x 9,35 1,2 1,3 25,2
38 3 x 8 3,40 x 10,35 1,2 1,3 28,8

Struttura ZMSV-TEC

Dolcevita's structure is made of epoxy-coated Magnelis Steel (ZMSV-TEC technology). The foot of the trellis and all the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel. The pool can be assembled on an concrete base or on the special steel base (see ACCESSORIES).

Comfort step

It is possible to reduce the riser of the Yacht staircase through the optional comfort steps. They can be positioned as desired, are not fixed to the structure and are made of the same slate wood material as the deck.

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