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Dolcevita Rattan

Elegance and technology

  • Model Dolcevita Rattan
  • Designer Luigi Spedini

Dolcevita is, in the market of above-ground swimming pools, the product which, in recent years, has best met the tastes and expectations of the most demanding customers.

A product which, at the same time, is easy to assemblefunctional and aesthetically beautiful. It can be installed practically anywhere, even in places where classic in-ground pools are impossible.

Dolcevita is, today, the most fashionable and most sought-after pool for those who want to furnish their space dedicated to free time and relaxing in the best possible way.

  • Model Dolcevita RATTAN
  • Family Pool Design
  • Installation Above-ground
  • Type Pool with self-standing structure
  • Finishes External facing in hand-woven synthetic fibre over a painted aluminium frame and pool border in eco-wood
  • Sizes 2x4 - 2x5 - 3x5 - 3x6 - 3x7 - 4x8 - 4x9 - 5x10 (water’s surface area)
  • Structure Structure in zinc-magnesium steel and parts in stainless steel. ZMSV-TEC technology
  • Pool Liner Polyester and highly resistant polymer fibres
  • Pool Liner Colours Bianco. Beige
  • Systems Sand or cartridge filtration
  • Facing External facing in hand-woven synthetic fibre over a painted aluminium frame and pool border in eco-wood
  • Facing Colours Coffee Panels + Tabacco Border; Grey Panels + Ardesia Border
  • Equipment Pool, facing in woven synthetic fibre, eco-wood border, over-full system, LED spotlight(s), safety ladder, pool vacuum cleaner, filtration system
  • Options Winter pool cover, summer cover, counter-current swimming kit, 7-jet hydro-massage corner, base for ground assembly
  • Warranty 5 years (structure and liner) - 2 years (other parts and accessories)
24 2 x 4 2,4 x 4,4 1,2 1,3 9,6
25 2 x 5 2,4 x 5,4 1,2 1,3 12
35 3 x 5 3,4 x 5,4 1,2 1,3 18
36 3 x 6 3,4 x 6,4 1,2 1,3 21,6
37 3 x 7 3,4 x 7,4 1,2 1,3 25,2
48 4 x 8 4,4 x 8,4 1,2 1,3 38,4
49 4 x 9 4,4 x 9,4 1,2 1,3 43,2
510 5 x 10 5,4 x 10,4 1,2 1,3 60

ZMSV-TEC Structure

The Dolcevita structure is made in epoxy-coated Magnelis steel (ZMSV-TEC technology). The feet of the framework and all the bolts are stainless steel. The pool is assembled on a reinforced concrete base or on a special steel base (see ACCESSORIES).

Cantabric sand filtration system by AstralPool

The Dolcevita line comes with a Cantabric filtration system from the Fluidra Group as standard. Depending on the size of the pool and the number of skimmers, 3 models are available: Cantabric system of 6, 10, 15 m3/h. Highly professional systems with outstanding performance and reliability.

Eco-wood border – colour Tobacco

The aesthetic finish of this model of Dolcevita is achieved by an eco-wood border, matched with panels in hand-woven synthetic fibre over an aluminium frame. Between one panel and the next there are wooden panel holders whilst the corners are rattan. The Tabacco coloured eco-wood border matches the Coffee coloured panels.

Base for ground / sand assembly

Thanks to this base in special epoxy powder coated steel, the swimming pool can be assembled directly onto the ground, without the need for a concrete slab. The base can be accompanied by a certificate of mobility and the pool itself can be removed easily, for even seasonal use.

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