Above ground Model: Classic

The Classic Laghetto

Classic is the range above ground, which continues the Laghetto heritage of pools made in Italy internationally recognized for quality, durability and reliability.
Swimming Pools that are the result of continuous development and 40 years of research, experience, usage  and testing conducted in all kinds of environment. The new range Laghetto Classic is available in rectangular or round shape.



The Technology  of Laghetto Professional Classic for the production of large pools is used worldwide by event organizers that need a pool ready in a few hours, extraordinarily strong, suitable to resist the many different uses.
The design capacity of our research and development team is able to satisfy every request from the customer.
The pool Classic Professional is available in several formats and sizes.

Classic is a Luigi Spedini Project


The metal structure is made of hot dip galvanized metal wilt powder coated parts for long rust free life.

Tessuto Liner

The PVC coated 850 gr/sm polyester membrane has a tensile strength of 300 Kg / 5 cm, according to DIN 53354. It’s also anti-UV treated to limit material aging.

Laghetto ECO SAND Filtration Systems

Laghetto ECO Sand Filters are made in Italy and grand professional grade performance starting from the 6 mc/h and until the powerful  10 e 15 mc/h for a crystal clear pool water.

Cartridge Filter System

The Cartridge Filtration system is a collaboration within Piscine Laghetto and Hayward. The 11mc/h deep filtration and the big surface of filtration guarantee a perfect cleaning of the pool water in a very efficient way and minimize the use of chemicals.

Skimmer Laghetto

The Piscine Laghetto skimmer is attached to pool wall and have a floating head that aspires the surface  with a 360 degrees angle for the max efficency of cleaning and a far superior performance compared to the traditional skimmers. Inside the skimmer you can found a big pre-filter basket (if paired with one of the Sand or Cartridge options) or a microfiber sock filter if is part of a Boa Filtration System. The floating head travel follow the water height and surface waves minimizing the risk of air suck and allowing a wider water level adjustment.  Among several safety details It ‘also equipped with an anti-suction handle for the safety of all swimmers.


The piping of the filtration systems are another high quality standards that characterize Piscine Laghetto kits. They are made of PVC corrugated hose, white-colored, highly durable and long lasting, with fittings one inch and a half fittings, pressure mounted and glued at the factory to ensure the best possible seal over time. The pipes, with threaded fittings and gaskets, are screwed to the wall fitting of the pool and to the filtration system without any kind of metal band.

Laghetto Safety Ladder

Piscine Laghetto Safety Ladder design that started in 2000 is the highest point reached in safety for aboveground pools ladders.The ladder is attached to the structure of the pool and its super stable making impossible to flip it while climbing or descending from it. It’s possible to flip the outer part of the scale up and fix it up to the top with a strap, in order to avoid most small children to access to the pool, when the pool is not in operation and / or supervised by adults.


24 2,80 x 4,00 3,60 x 4,80 1,20
25 2,80 x 5,30 3,60 x 6,10 1,20
26 2,80 x 6,60 3,60 x 7,40 1,20
27 2,80 x 7,80 3,60 x 8,60 1,20
47 4,00 x 7,80 4,80 x 8,60 m 1,20

* for the overall size including the foot blocks please add 24 cm. Example 3,84 x 5,04 m (Classic 24).


0 2,80 x 4,00 3,40 x 4,60 1,00
1 2,80 x 5,30 3,40 x 5,90 1,00
2 2,80 x 6,60 3,40 x 7,20 1,00

* for the overall size including the foot blocks please add 24 cm. Example 3,64 x 6,14 m (Classic 1)