Divina Skimmer: Rectangular Basement Pool | Piscine Laghetto

Divina Skimmer

  • DESIGN Minimalist
  • MODEL Divina
  • DESIGNER Luigi Spedini

Divina, already expresses with its name the style and charm that set it apart.
It is a contemporary declination of the swimming pool as a classy furnishing accessory for open spaces but also a moment to enjoy the relaxation and beauty of your garden.
Divina combines the needs of style and elegance with the desire for fun of the whole family, as it can be equipped like a traditional pool: LED spotlights, counter-current swimming and a heater, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of the pool for longer.
Two colour variations for the rattan panelling, the possibility of customising the living area and the wide range of sizes make each Divina pool unique.
Divina, with an integrated technical room (under the sunbathing area equipped with cushions) can be installed without impactful building work and in just a few days, ensuring that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the full.


A distinctive feature of Divina, the panels make it a uniquely designed product.
The panelling consists of a painted aluminium structure onto which a synthetic polypropylene fibre obtained by extrusion is woven by hand.
The craftsmanship gives each pool a unique appearance, differentiating it on the market.
This durable material is particularly resistant to various atmospheric agents and has been tested for UV resistance for an exposure of over 3000 hours.
Resistance to wide temperature variations is also excellent. Maintenance is easy as well as cleaning, to be done with neutral non-aggressive detergents.

Divina panels - detail

Integrated technical room (LTI)

Divina has a technical room with an access door integrated, ideal for positioning the filtration system and accessories.
The access door to the technical room is equipped with a security key.
The technical room cover is load-bearing and has cushions as standard, making it a spacious sunbathing area.

Integrated technical room – detail

Cushions over the technical room

Every Divina pool comes with the cushioning above the technical room that transforms it into a large sunbathing area where you can lie down and relax.
The cushion is internally composed of closed-cell foam and a water-repellent nautical Sky cover that can be easily sanitised with neutral, non-aggressive detergents.

Sunbathing area cushions above the technical room

Living elements (optional)

Living furniture elements enrich Divina giving it a unique look, a perfect mix of design and relaxation.

It is the dream of those who love living in contact with water, enjoying the pleasure of its proximity at all times of the day: sunbathing in the peace of the morning, children’s bathing in the afternoon, aperitif relaxation at sunset and an exclusive place for conversation in the evening.

The Living elements are composed of an aluminium structure and hand-woven synthetic fibre covering, which gives a handcrafted and distinctive feature to the entire product.

Elements are also available with a reclining backrest.

The Living modules are offered in four kits, which can be combined to suit your preferences customise the poolside relaxation area.

The Living modules can be combined with specific Living cushions, which are also available in kits and made of durable, water-repellent nautical Sky fabric in Natural colour which can be easily sanitised with neutral, non-aggressive detergents.

Living seating elements – detail

Led spots

Each Divina pool includes the standard supply of one or two white LED spotlights from the Laghetto line (depending on the size chosen) already positioned on the liner that give to the pools impressive light effects, day and night. These spotlights combine high-performance light output with low power consumption (less than 8 W) and great durability. Each spotlight is powered at 12V and comes complete with its transformer to be positioned
at a distance of 3.5m from the pool.

White light LED spotlight


The Divina pool is fitted with the dedicated ‘Luxury’ ladder, made entirely of AISI316 stainless steel (Ø 43 mm tube).
The Divina ladder is completed by stainless steel steps with plastic non-slip inserts and an upper balcony in composite wood that matches the colours of the aesthetic panels.

Luxury Divina ladder


The structure of Divina, specifically studied and designed by Laghetto’s technical offices, is made of Magnelis steel with a powder coating
(ZMSV-TEC technology).
This special treatment allows greater resistance against corrosion.
In general, the quality of the materials used guarantees constructive and operational reliability over time.
The trellis foot and all hardware are made of stainless steel.
In detail:
Zinc magnesium steel powder coated structure with stainless steel AISI304 piece of support.
Zinc magnesium steel powder coated.
A2 stainless steel.

ZMSV-TEC structure

Basement for direct assembly on the ground

Thanks to the galvanised steel basement kit painted with powders, it is possible to install the pool directly on the ground, without concrete slab.
It is possible to issue a mobility certificate in which is declared that the pool is easy to be removed, using it just for a seasonal purpose.

Divina, assembly without concrete


Divina pool liners are made from 1000 g/sqm coated Trevira fabric, an exclusive Piscine Laghetto product.
The liner, a highly tensile-resistant membrane, is subsequently treated anti-UV thanks to the use of special additives that exponentially limit the ageing of the material. The Divina liner is tested to withstand the most extreme tensile tests (430 kg every 5 cm).
Piscine Laghetto’s vast experience in the production and processing of pool liners it’s a synonym of absolute quality and reliability.
Almost 50 years of research and development, together with a close collaboration between carefully selected fabric suppliers, have led to the formulation of sheets that are structurally and chemically specific for the swimming pool sector. The welding machines, the beating heart of the production department, are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the company’s technological production requirements.
Each liner is therefore specifically welded for maximum resistance to various stresses, giving Laghetto products their unique quality and efficiency that distinguish them from the rest of the market.

Welding pool liner


As part of the Fluidra Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of swimming pool equipment, Piscine Laghetto takes advantage of the parent company’s experience to equip its pools with filtration and purification systems of undisputed construction quality and top market performance.
Aware of the importance of water quality Divina’s filtration systems are adequately dimensioned to guarantee maximum cleanliness and hygiene.
Two types of filtration are available: sand and cartridge.

Cartridge filtration


The Piscine Laghetto skimmer is fixed to the pool wall, it has a floating head and works by skimming over the water, thus guaranteeing a high degree of constant cleanliness over time.
Equipped with a pre-filter basket, its 360-degree draught allows the best possible cleaning of the pool with superior performance to wall-mounted skimmers.
The excursion of the floating head in height allows great flexibility in filling the pool, preventing it from drawing air and blocking the filtration system pump. It is also equipped with a series of anti-trapping and anti-sucking devices for maximum safety of all bathers.

Floating Laghetto Skimmer

Countercurrent swimming kit (optional)

The counter current kit has been specifically created for Piscine Laghetto.
It is easy to install and allows swimming even in pool with small dimensions.
The counter current kit is composed by: no. 2 pumps 1560W (max-flow rate 36m³/h, head 12,8m), suction fittings with protective grid, no. 2 NCC nozzles with specific flanges to install it on the Divina liners.
As per safety regulation, fittings and piping have to be positioned 3.5m away from pool.
The kit includes the pneumatic button for switching on and a specific switchboard to control and regulate the pumps timing.

Swimming against the current

7-jet hydromassage kit (optional)

It has been developed to meet the increasing demand for wellness.
The counter current kit is composed of: no. 2 pumps of 900W (max flow rate 18m3/h, head13.5m), no. 2 suctions fittings with protective grid, no.7 counter current nozzles with specific flanges to install it on Divina liners.
As per safety regulation, fitting and piping have to be positioned 3.5m away from the pool.
The kit includes the pneumatic button for switching on and a specific switchboard to controll and regulate the pumps timing.

7-jet whirlpool kit

Winter Pool Cover (Optional)

The pool winter cover “Light System Plus” (in green/black colors) is equipped with elastic cords rod that allow to close hermetically the pool when not in use. This accessory, jointly with correct chemical products, preserves the water status during winter period.

Winter pool cover - detail

Isothermal cover (Optional)

The Isothermal cover is made of a special floating material and is available for all Divina pool sizes.
The cover must be laid on the surface of the water during the night but it is useful at the same time during daylight hours because of the material’s permeability to the sun’s rays, thus acting as a natural heater on sunny days.
It is also excellent for preventing contamination of the water with external agents when the pool is not in use.

Isothermal summer pool cover
DIVINA - Cleaning tips

Synthetic fibre panels can be dusted with a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush. For more thorough cleaning, we recommend using a microfibre cloth soaked in neutral liquid soap. Then rinse with a jet of water or a high-pressure cleaner (moderate jet at low pressure).

For cleaning the pool liner, we recommend using degreasing or descaling products specifically for PVC coverings. In the case of greyish limescale deposits, we recommend using diluted acids, appropriately handled or descaling products such as buffered acids. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Clean stainless steel parts with tap water, or, if small oxidation stains are observed, clean with non-abrasive metal, or with nitric acid diluted to 10-15%. In both cases, rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth.

Dirt that forms on the water line of the pool liner can be cleaned with a liquid degreaser, a pool-specific product that does not alter the chemical values of the water: chlorine and pH levels.

DIVINA - Tips for water treatment

Where possible, the pool should be filled with clean water from the aqueduct or from a well equipped with a filter.

Chlorine products should always be introduced into the pool through the floating head of the skimmer with the pump running, to avoid concentrated doses of product coming into contact with the walls or bottom of the pool.

The ideal characteristics for hygienic and comfortable use of the pool are: chlorine values greater than 1 PPM, pH values between 7.2 and 7.4 PPM.

Regular water analysis is useful to know the state of the water and to detect any ongoing problems in good time, in order to restore ideal values through the use of suitable treatments to keep the water healthy.

It is worth remembering that if you need to shut down the filtration system for a fairly long period of time, it is a good idea to remove any chlorine residues not yet dissolved from the filters/skimmers.

The ideal winter closure of the pool should be done when the water temperature falls below 20°C, while the opening should be done before the water temperature exceeds 20°C.

  • PRODUCT TYPE Skimmer pool with self-supporting structure
  • INSTALLATION Partially in-ground
  • SIZES 3 x 5, 3 x 6, 3 x 7, 4 x 8 (water’s surface area)
  • EXTERIOR Panels in hand-woven synthetic fibre
  • EXTERIOR COLOUR Laghetto White - Grey
  • STRUCTURE Structure in stainless steel and parts in zinc-magnesium steel. ZMSV-TEC technology
  • POOL LINER Polyester and highly resistant polymer fibres
  • POOL LINER COLOUR White, Beige
  • SYSTEMS Sand or cartridge filtration
  • VERSIONS Assembly on reinforced concrete base - Ground assembly
  • EQUIPMENT Pool, filtration, LED light, vacuum cleaner, panelling with integrated edge, overflow system, stainless steel ladder, Divina cushions in nautical Sky (Natural colour) above the technical room, ground containment panels, basement kit (floor-mounted version)
  • OPTIONS Living, winter cover, summer isothermal cover, counter-current swimming kit, 7-jet hydro-massage corner
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY 5 years (structure and liner) - 2 years (other parts and accessories)
  • USE Product for private/residential use only
35 3 x 5 3,4 x 6,1 1,2 1,3 18
36 3 x 6 3,4 x 7,1 1,2 1,3 21,6
37 3 x 7 3,4 x 8,1 1,2 1,3 25,2
48 4 x 8 3,4 x 8,1 1,2 1,3 38,4