Bluspring Laghetto: Modern outdoor in-ground swimming pool



  • DESIGN In-ground
  • MODEL Bluespring
  • DESIGNER Luigi Spedini

When the sides of the overflow blend with the sky and with the surrounding atmosphere, the fulfillment of the perfect pool is realized , the time when the pool disappears and binds to the infinite lines.

Bluespring is designed to give space to the architectural interventions to harness the magic of the different types of overflow available.

The structure has been designed to maintain the integrity of the performances over the years, getting its point of excellence in the reliability using. The best technology at the service of demanding customers who believe in the beauty of their own water space.


The Bluespring structure is made of hot-dip galvanized and passivated sheet metal, with a low-carbon Z275 cover, according to the specifications dictated by the UNI EN ISO 10327 standard, treated with the exclusive Laghetto ZSV-TEC protective cover. Every single galvanized sheet or trellis that makes up the structure are subjected to an epoxy painting in the oven to guarantee a superior finish quality and a long life, both in underground and above ground systems.
Bluespring is constructed with a modular structure that allows you to create pools of countless sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Its self-supporting structure does not require a retaining wall or soil fills with inert materials such as sand or gravel, thereby limiting to the minimum masonry works.
Bluespring only needs a concrete base slab, while the surrounding ground is directly supported by the structure itself. This allows us to be able to assemble it also completely above ground or partially in-ground, without making structural changes or having to incur into expensive additional masonry.
The Laghetto Bluespring modular structure allows the construction of elegant and personal swimming pools, with geometric shapes and more, with exceptional characteristics of quality and durability. Under construction, but also later, you can access to the interspace formed between the panels and add all kinds of accessories, with a simple wall flange and lining. In this way accessories as Led lights, whirlpools, stream swimming systems and related pumps, pipes and devices can always be easily accessible or added . A unique and inimitable characteristic of the Laghetto project that allows you to deal with the construction of your pool even in different stages without problems.

Structure for Bluespring in-ground

Bluespring Compensation System

n traditional overflow pools, so that they can work properly, you need to create an external water collection tank to the pool called the compensation tank, that take care of keeping constant the level of water, collecting the excess and returning it when needed. This container needs to be covered on top and can be accessed only by qualified technical personnel for routine and extraordinary maintenance operations. Normally this tank is made completely underground in reinforced concrete.
With Bluespring all this is not necessary, thanks to the use of big and capacious overflow duct, which allows to avoid the construction of the external compensation tank, with consequent and evident of space and cost savings.
The overflow provides the best filtration possible, so as to have become a mandatory feature for all public, commercial pools. In the overflow system the water overflows perfectly from the upper edge of the pool in a homogeneous way throughout its entire perimeter, thus keeping always clean the surface of the water, the first point of collection of outer dirt. The Laghetto Bluespring perimetric overflow system, with its perfect overflow on the whole perimeter of the pool, ensures that any floating particle accomplishes the shortest possible route to reach the filtration system, regardless of the distance from the compensation channel and the direction of wind.

Compensation system

The Pure Shape

In the Bluespring overflow system the water that overflows from the edge of the pool it is collected in a large channel placed under the pavement perimeter; in doing so the water is at the same level of the edge of the stone and seems to disappear inside it, creating a striking visual effect. The overflow system cancels the feeling of emptiness caused by the difference in level between the edge and the water, typical in pools with wall mounted skimmer, thus giving a feeling of unique breadth and ensuring our pool greater harmony with the surrounding environment. The structure consist of two completely independent parallel adjustable walls (in height and in alignment) even at after years, between which is obtained the overflow duct which also performs the function of compensation tank. This type construction offers in addition to the considerable aesthetic result also numerous and considerable advantages.

Purity of form

Easy Adjustment of the Overflow Level

This feature is essential for the proper functioning of the infinity pools. It can in fact happen that over time, due to a settling of the ground or of geological events, the reinforced concrete slab which rests on our pool also suffers a partial settling of its original level, thereby compromising the proper functioning of the pool . In traditional structures this event would be a big deal, just be solved with massive and costly structural interventions. Bluespring lake thanks to its self-supporting structure and adjustable over time, it can easily retrieve the correct alignment of the overflow, simply by acting on the appropriate adjustments, without breaking anything, even with the pool full of water, with an obvious saving of time and costs . This feature, combined with the strength and solidity of its structure, make Bluespring a unique pool of its kind and absolutely inimitable.

Overflow level regulation

Thermal Insulation and Inspection Through Time

The structural space between the inner and outer wall, creates a corridor about 60 cm wide that ensures a perfect thermal exchange between the mass of water and the surrounding soil. This internal air chamber to the pool structure, in addition to decreasing the dispersion of the water heat, eliminates the formation of condensation between the metal and the liner, greatly extending the life of of the pool panel.
The air gap is wide enough to allow the technician to be able to inspect, adjust and make any kind of intervention, without ever having to break anything and greatly reducing maintenance costs over time. The same thing applies to every future embellishment, in fact, with Bluespring is possible to add all the desired accessory, for example a hydromassage area, or a series of LED lights, without the need to make heavy masonry works.

Bluespring scheme

Filtration System

The Piscine Laghetto filtration systems are designed to ensure the perfect water quality in the pool over time, using only the best components on the market. The main channel drain supplied with every Bluespring pool, completely made of stainless steel, serves to draw the water to be filtered from the overflow duct and retaining coarse dirt through an included stainless steel prefilter . A full flange is provided for attachment to the overflow duct. The pipes are assembled on site using rods of rigid PVC pipe (PN10) or flex hose ise necessary. They are provided on ABS fittings. The inlets installed on the wall, are made of ABS plastic and equipped with swiveling ball. A too-full drain is supplied with the pool, with the function of discharging outside the excess water of the channel, avoiding useless waste around the swimming pool.
The automatic filling has a function a safety device for the pool keeping the water level constant an avoiding a possible failure of the pump, due to a dry running.

Filtration system scheme


The coating is composed of two sheets of PVC welded through of heat calendering process. The internal polyester armor reinforce the product. The PVC is treated with a special transparent coating that protects it from aging and keeps the original color vivid. Does not slip and does not deform in any way, it is treated against UV rays, algae and fungi. The membrane adapts to any shape and ensures the stability and compactness to the structures on which it is applied, making them as a single body. After laying the membrane, directly on site, we proceed to the further isolation of the joints through liquid PVC coating of the same color, making it even more stable.

Coating detail


A must-have accessory both for the highly scenic effect it creates and for making the best use of your pool on sweaty summer nights. As with all its equipment and accessories, Bluespring chooses products exclusively from the Fluidra Group, under the AstralPool and Zodiac brands.

Bluespring illuminated by LED spotlights

Pool Edge

Two types of pool edge are available for Bluespring: Old Stone edge and Classic Stone edge.
Old Stone are made to faithfully reproduce the characteristics of natural stone, with its texture and its nuances. This pool top of approximately 4 cm thick, is antifreeze and is reinforced with a steel mesh that makes it a highly durable product; it also undergoes an anti stain surface treatment.
The Classic Stone edges are made exclusively of inert porphyry and natural quartz selected, washed and bound together by silica sand and high-strength cement. The dosage of the inert is such as to recreate both the aesthetic and the resistance entirely similar to natural porphyry. This stone, the thickness of 4 cm approximately it is anti-slip and anti-freeze and is reinforced with a stainless steel mesh that makes it a highly durable product.

Old stone edges


Bluespring can be equipped with a customised, clad masonry ladder or a stainless steel ladder.
Very often the ladder is inserted inside the shape of the pool, made of reinforced concrete and then covered. This solution is also the ideal structural basis for enjoying a whirlpool area.
Stainless steel ladders are the classic and convenient access system to the pool. Equipped with non-slip steps, they can also be combined with other types of ladders, especially in large pools.

Corner ladder

Infinity Overflow

Transforms one or more sides of your pool Bluespring into something totally unique. The overflow effect of the pool becomes infinite, so the water appears to merge with the horizon.

Infinite overflow system

Structural Accessories in the Pool

With Bluespring, the pool can be customised inside the pool shape with custom masonry accessories that are then covered.
For those who want to enjoy a deeper area in their Bluespring pool, it is possible to create varying levels of heights or diving holes at the bottom of the pool, to be used with or without a diving platform.
Another possible accessory is the 30 cm wide wall that acts as a divider between the part for children and the part for adults.
It is made of reinforced concrete after the structure and floor slab have been built and is then completed with the same covering material used for the pool.

Diving hole

Fountain / Water Features

You can surround and finish your Bluespring with fountains and various water games, such as a stainless blade cascade.
Choose from a wide range of fountains and water features, to give more movement to your pool and increase relaxation and fun.


Countercurrent Swimming System

The swimming against current system of Piscine Laghetto has 2 motors and 2 large jets, electrical control panel and a wired remote control.

Counter-current swimming system

Roller Shutter Cover

A product suited to reduce the evaporation of water, facilitate maintaining the temperature reached in the pool and close automatically and quickly the pool when not in use.

Roller shutter cover

Winter Cover

They are made of floating polythene Rip Stopper fabric membrane coated with green / black polythene treated super anti-UV.
Patented by Laghetto they are equipped with anti-rolling water ballast and practical hooks for anchoring to the ground.

Winter pool cover

Commercial Use

The unique Bluespring technology with its compensation channel and self-supporting structure is also perfectly suited to the construction of public swimming pools, for free swimming and competitions, pool sports and aquatic courses in gyms and sports centres.

Bluespring for sport - realisation 1

Assembly Steps - VIDEO

Bluespring - Cleaning tips

For cleaning the pool cover we recommend the use of degreasing or descaling products specifically for PVC coverings. In the case of greyish limescale deposits, we recommend using diluted acids, properly handled or descaling products such as buffered acids. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Clean stainless steel parts with tap water, or, if small oxidation stains are observed, clean with non-abrasive metal, or with nitric acid diluted to 10-15%. In both cases, rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth.

The dirt that forms on the water line of the pool liner can be cleaned with a liquid degreaser, a specific product for pools that does not alter the chemical values of the water: chlorine and pH levels.

Bluespring - Tips for water treatment

Where possible, the pool should be filled with clean water from the aqueduct or from a well equipped with a filter.

Chlorinating products should always be introduced into the pool through the drain head with the pump running.
The ideal characteristics for hygienic and comfortable use of the pool are: chlorine values greater than 1 PPM, pH values between 7.2 and 7.4 PPM.

Regular water analysis is useful to know the state of the water and to detect any ongoing problems in good time, in order to restore ideal values through the use of suitable treatments to keep the water healthy.

It is worth remembering that if you need to switch off the filtration system for a fairly long period, it is a good idea to remove any chlorine residues not yet dissolved from the drain.

The ideal winter closure of the pool should be done when the water temperature falls below 20°C, while the opening should be done before the water temperature exceeds 20°C.