Ninfea: mini piscina fuori terra in corda nautica | Piscine Laghetto


  • DESIGN Naturalist
  • MODEL Ninfea
  • DESIGNER Luigi Spedini

Piscine Laghetto draws its inspiration from the realms of nature and art to create the innovative NINFEA mini-pool.
In the new NINFEA mini-pool, the interior lining showcases an exquisite interplay of nautical rope, skillfully woven to evoke the delicate strokes of an impressionist’s brush. This elegant fusion of materials and colors enhances the aesthetic appeal.
The experience within Ninfea is further elevated by features such as comfortably warm water, air massages, soft perimeter cushions, and the delightful tactile sensation of the rope lining.

Aesthetic panels

The aesthetic nautical rope panelling makes Ninfea a uniquely designed product, but its great innovation lies in the anchoring system to the minipool structure that allows for easy and fast handling.
The panelling consists of a painted aluminium structure onto which a synthetic polypropylene fibre (nautilcal rope) is woven by hand.
The craftsmanship gives each pool a unique appearance, differentiating it on the market. This durable material is particularly resistant to various atmospheric agents and has been tested for UV resistance for an exposure of over 3000 hours. Maintenance is easy as well as cleaning, to be done with neutral non-aggressive detergents.

coupling system - detail

Perimeter cushions

The cushions encircling Ninfea entire perimeter are nautically inspired.
They add more pleasure to you rexperience in the water or around it, creating a place for conviviality and sharing.
Ninfea’s perimeter cushions are anchored to the structure by means of a hanging system.
The main cushion also serves as a cover for the technical room where the control box is housed. Ninfea cushions are composed internally of closed-cell foam and water-repellent nautical Sky upholstery, which can be easily sanitised with neutral, non-aggressive detergents.

sky nautical perimeter cushions

White Led spot

Every Ninfea comes standard with a white LED spotlight from the Laghetto line on the pool liner. It gives the pool an impressive light effect, both during the day and at night.
This spotlight combines high-performance light output with low power consumption (less than 4 W) and great durability.
The spotlight’s power button is discreetly integrated in the inner lining as well as the air massage’s power button.
The transformer for powering the spotlight (class II 230V/12V 10VA) is located in the control unit box housed inside the head locker.

Ninfea spotlight, night image

Metal structure

The supporting structure of Ninfea, specifically studied and designed by Laghetto’s technical offices, is made of welded and overpainted aluminium.
The great innovation of Ninfea is precisely the supporting structure lightweight and quick to install.

painted aluminium structure


Ninfea pool liners are made from 1000 g/sqm coated Trevira fabric, an exclusive Piscine Laghetto product.
The liner, a highly tensile-resistant membrane, is subsequently treated anti-UV thanks to the use of special additives that exponentially limit the ageing of the material.
The Ninfea liner is tested to withstand the most extreme tensile tests (430 kg every 5 cm).
Piscine Laghetto’s vast experience in the production and processing of pool liners it’s a synonym of absolute quality and reliability.
50 years of research and development, together with a close collaboration between carefully selected fabric suppliers, have led to the formulation of sheets that are structurally and chemically specific for the swimming pool sector. The welding machines, the beating heart of the production department, are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the company’s technological production requirements. Each liner is therefore specifically welded for maximum resistance to various stresses, giving Laghetto products their unique quality and efficiency that distinguish them from the rest of the market.
Ninfea SUNRISE  liner: beige.
Ninfea STONE or MONET  liner: white

Liner welding

Filtration System

As part of the Fluidra Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of swimming pool equipment, Piscine Laghetto takes advantage of the parent company’s experience to equip its pools with filtration and purification systems of undisputed construction quality and top market performance.
Aware of the importance of water quality, Ninfea’s filtration systems are adequately dimensioned to guarantee the maximum cleanliness and hygiene.
The Ninfea filtration system consists of: wall skimmer complete with pre-filter basket, no. 2 filter cartridges (one of which is spare) and recirculation pump. Supplied with: suction plate and brush for cleaning the bottom.
All the technology is concealed in the head locker, leaving the Ninfea’s design clean and essential.


Control box

This innovative system gives the user the dual possibility of enjoying a gentle air massage and a heating system, which allow to extend the season of use by several weeks.
The control box, a technical module housed in the head locker, integrates:
230V 115W induction recirculation pump with a maximum flow rate of 7000 l/h and a maximum head of 3 m;
230V 2KW electric heater with resettable thermal protection; heater capacity:  +15 C° guaranteed compared to the temperature of the same unheated pool (data valid with isothermal cover installed, standard in this version, and 24-hour operation).
Air massage system with 230V blower, 700W absorption, maximum flow rate 70 mc/h and maximum pressure 190 mbar;
Class II 230V/12V 10VA transformer for powering the white LED spotlight.
The control unit is complete with display with keypad for managing water temperature, filtration cycles, air massage blower and LED light switch-on.

Electronic control box

Isothermal cover

The Isothermal cover, designed to assist the functionality of the heater, reduces day/night heat exchange and is made of a special floating material.
The cover must lie over the surface of the water during the night but is useful also during daylight hours, as the material’s permeability to the sun’s rays acts as a natural heater on sunny days.
It is also excellent for preventing contamination of the water with external agents when the pool is not in use.

Floating isothermal cover

Standard cover (optional)

The standard cover is made of PVC coated in Trevira fabric and equipped with vent valves and fastening system.
Available to cover all Ninfea sizes.

Standard cover
Ninfea - Cleaning tips

The first rule to follow is not to bring dirt into the pool from outside, so it is preferably installed on a clean, flat and properly paved surface.

The panels can be dusted with a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush. For more thorough cleaning, we recommend using a microfibre cloth soaked in neutral liquid soap. Then rinse with a jet of water or a high-pressure cleaner (moderate jet at low pressure).

The cushions in Sky Nautico can be cleaned with fabric moistened and soaped with neutral soap. Then rinse with plenty of water. Do not use detergents, solvents and/or chlorine. Do not use polishing sprays.

Dirt that forms on the water line of the pool liner can be cleaned with a liquid degreaser, a pool-specific product that does not alter the chemical values of the water: chlorine and pH levels.

Ninfea - Tips for water treatment

It is recommended for easier maintenance to fill the pool with softened water and to avoid using supply water with an excessively high degree of hardness.

Chemical treatment, maintenance, as well as total water replacement when recommended and/or necessary, is of paramount importance to enjoy your spa to the fullest. It is extremely important to have water that is always clean, sanitised and properly treated, for the comfort and health of all users.

The ideal characteristics for hygienic and comfortable use of the spa are: chlorine values greater than 1 PPM, pH values between 7.2 and 7.4 PPM.

The chemical levels of the water must be kept within the ideal values also in order to prevent irritation to the skin and eyes of users.

For the filter cartridge supplied, use an alkaline degreasing product suitable for removing organic residues. For the presence of limescale, use an acid-based descaling product.

Make sure when using the spa indoors or with heated water that the chemicals used are those suitable for use in spas and/or spas.

  • TYPE Mini-pool
  • INSTALLATION Above-ground
  • SIZES 233 x 233 (NINFEA 1) - 330 x 233 (NINFEA 2) overall dimensions (cm.)
  • EXTERIOR Self-supporting structure with hand-woven synthetic fibre on painted aluminium frame - Perimeter cushions in nautical Sky
  • EXTERIOR COLOUR Structure / rope / Perimeter cushion: MONET (white / turquoise and fuchsia colour mix / white) - STONE (dark grey / light and dark grey colour mix / grey) - SUNRISE (dove grey / dove grey and milky coffee colour mix / Natural)
  • STRUCTURE Painted aluminium frame
  • POOL LINER Polyester and highly resistant polymer fibres
  • VERSIONS Heater and Bubbles
  • SYSTEMS Control Box
  • EQUIPMENT Pool, filtration, LED light, isothermal cover, pool vacuum cleaner
  • OPTIONS Cover
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY 5 years (structure and liner) - 2 years (accessories)
  • USE Product for private / residential use only
NINFEA 1 1,47 x 1,96 2,33 x 2,33 55 73 1200
NINFEA 2 2,45 x 1,96 3,30 x 2,33 55 73 2000