Playa - Piscine Laghetto


A Water Lounge

Interwoven fibres for timeless elegance

  • Model Playa
  • Designer Luigi Spedini

Playa is an elegant mini-pool created from the great Italian design

The gentle hydromassage, the heated water, the pleasantness of the hand woven fibers , invite you to stay there long in total wellness and allow you to enjoy it both indoors and outside the house. It’s sophisticated and adaptable, perfect for a terrace or a deck, in the garden becomes a piece of furniture and in the house real water lounge.

  • Model Playa
  • Family Home Design - Pool Design
  • Installation Above-ground
  • Product Type Mini-pool
  • Finishes Hand Woven Wicker Panels
  • Sizes 220x220 (PLAYA1) - 320x220 (PLAYA2) - 420x220 (PLAYA3)
  • Structure Stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel protected with epoxy powder coating
  • Pool Liner Polyesters fibers and high strength polymers membrane
  • Liner Color White
  • Versions Mini-pool – with heater and bubbles
  • Installations 12V Pump (mini-pool v.), Box (heater and bubbles v.)
  • Coverings Hand Woven Wicker Panels
  • Panel Colours Coffee, Laghetto White, Grey
  • Equipment Tank, filtration, LED light, isothermal cover (heater and bubbles v.), vacuum cleaner
  • Options Sunbed, pool cover
  • Warranty 5 Years (structure and liner) - 2 Years (other parts and accessories)
Playa 1 1,40 x 1,80 2,20 x 2,20 55 70 1200
Playa 2 2,40 x 1,80 3,20 x 2,20 55 70 2000
Playa 3 3,40 x 1,80 4,20 x 2,20 55 70 3000

Playa’s panels – Coffee colour

The aesthetic finish of Playa and Playa living is made of hand-woven synthetic fibre panels on an aluminium frame. In this model, the finish integrates the vertical panel and edge in a single piece, for an absolutely clean and modern design.

Light and bubble buttons

In the most complete version of Playa, the one with heater and bubbles, you can control the lighting and whirlpool functions using the buttons on the pool liner, even from inside the pool, in complete safety.

Sky Nautical sunbed – Natural colour

Playa can be optionally equipped with a folding sunbed made of Sky, a material highly suitable for outdoor use. The sunbed is positioned above the technical room (case) for comfortable sunbathing and relaxation.

Isothermal cover

Supplied as standard with the Playa heater and bubble version, the isothermal sheet allows the desired temperature to be reached more easily and quickly when the heater is in function (switched on).

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