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The story continues

  • Model Classic
  • Designer Luigi Spedini

Classic is the above-ground line which continues the Laghetto story of Made in Italy swimming pools recognised internationally for their qualitydurability and reliability. Pools which are the result of continuous evolution and over 45 years of research, experience and tests conducted in every type of climatic condition and use.

  • Model Classic
  • Family Pool Design
  • Installation Above-ground
  • Type Pool with with hydrostatic structure
  • Structure Galvanised and coated steel for the pool’s feet with anti-rust, epoxy coating
  • Pool Liner Polyester with highly waterproof PVC coating
  • Pool Liner Colours Blu Laghetto
  • Systems Sand filtration system of 4/6/10 mc/h
  • Equipment Pool, filtration, skimmer and pipes, foot blocks, manual pool vacuum cleaner
  • Options Winter pool cover, summer isothermal cover
  • Sizes Overall height 125 cm, water 120 cm, see table
  • Warranty 3 years (structure and liner) - 2 years (other parts and accessories)
24 2,80 x 4,00 3,84 x 5,04 3,60 x 4,80 13,5
25 2,80 x 5,30 3,84 x 6,34 3,60 x 6,10 17
26 2,80 x 6,60 3,84 x 7,64 3,60 x 7,40 21,5
27 2,80 x 7,80 3,84 x 8,84 3,60 x 8,60 25
47 4,00 x 7,80 5,04 x 8,84 4,80 x 8,60 36

Structure and pool liner

The metallic structure is in galvanised and coated steel (feet) with epoxy coating. The pool liner is a polyester fabric with highly waterproof PVC coating, tested for tensile strength in accordance with DIN 53354 (430 kg/5 cm, both for the pool liner and the white border). The liner is treated to resist the harmful effects of UV rays for unrivalled durability.

Winter pool cover

The green/black Light System Plus winter cover with elastic ties, allows the swimming pool to be hermetically sealed for all the months in which it is not being used and, therefore, together with the correct use of chemical products, allows the water in the pool to be conserved.
Standard Equipment

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