Divina - Piscine Laghetto


The charm of the contemporary

  • Model Divina
  • Designer Luigi Spedini

Divina, the latest addition to the Dolcevita range, expresses in its name the style and charm that distinguish it: a contemporary expression of the swimming pool as an elegant, classy piece of outdoor furniture, in order to enjoy the relaxation and beauty found in your garden.

Divina combines the needs of style and elegance with the desire to have fun with all the family since it is equipped just like a traditional swimming pool with LED spotlights, a counter-current swimming kit and heater, which means you can enjoy the pleasure of the pool for longer. With two colour options for the rattan facing and the neutral coloured cushions, the customisation options and the wide range of sizes available make each Divina pool unique. Equipped with a technical compartment under the sunbathing area, it can be installed without the need for disruptive building works in just a few days and with the guarantee that you are going to fully enjoy your outdoor space.

  • Model Divina
  • Family Pool Design
  • Installation Partially in-ground
  • Type Pool with self-standing structure
  • Finishes Panels in hand-woven synthetic fibre
  • Sizes 3x5, 3x6, 3x7, 4x8 (water’s surface area)
  • Structure Structure in stainless steel and parts in zinc-magnesium steel. ZMSV-TEC technology
  • Pool Liner Polyester and highly resistant polymer fibres
  • Pool Liner Colours Bianco - Beige
  • Versions Assembly on reinforced concrete base - Ground assembly
  • Systems Sand or cartridge filtration
  • Facing Colours Laghetto White, Grey
  • Options Pool, filtration, LED light, pool vacuum cleaner, panelling with integrated border, over-full system, stainless steel ladder, Divina cushions in natural coloured Nautical Sky fabric over the technical compartment, ground containment panels, base kit (ground assembly version)
  • Warranty Living, winter cover, summer isothermal cover, counter-current swimming kit, 7-jet hydro-massage corner
  • 5 years (structure and liner) - 2 years (other parts and accessories)
35 3 x 5 3,4 x 6,1 1,2 1,3 18
36 3 x 6 3,4 x 7,1 1,2 1,3 21,6
37 3 x 7 3,4 x 8,1 1,2 1,3 25,2
48 4 x 8 4,4 x 9,1 1,2 1,3 38,4

Version assembled on a reinforced concrete slab

To assemble Divina in the most classic arrangement, excavation is required to a depth of around 55 cm for the structure and to lay a concrete slab, as well as for the backfill directly on each ground containment panel.

Swimming pool panelling – colour Laghetto white

The aesthetic finish of Divina is achieved with panelling in hand-woven synthetic fibre over an aluminium frame. In this partially in-ground model of Dolcevita the finish integrates the vertical panel and border in one piece, for an utterly clean and modern design.

Divina ladder

The Divina swimming pool is fitted with a dedicated ladder, attached to the pool’s structure, with platform in eco-wood in the same colour as the facing. A convenient solution for entering and leaving the pool without touching the facing.

Examples of Living arrangements

Divina provides the greatest freedom in arranging your water-lounge. You can use different elements of the Playa Living product, flat or reclining, to create surfaces and seating with cushions, surrounding all or part of your space dedicated to relaxing and socialising.

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