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PLAYA CARE BOX – Take care of your hot tub

The dream of enjoying your hot tub in the privacy of your home is finally a reality. Playa and Playa Living Relax, fun and design enclosed in an iconic product: now that you finally have your own personal oasis, Piscine Laghetto offers Playa Care Box a simple exclusive kit of essential products for the care and maintenance of the Playa Minipool.

A convenient and exclusive package contains 6 essential products for the care and maintenance of Playa: a practical and easy set of products dosed and designed for the volume of water in the minipool and which, if used regularly as indicated in the instructions on each bottle , they will be able to guarantee the best functioning of Playa and allow you to enjoy all the tranquility that the exclusive Laghetto guarantee offers you.

A novelty that from this year Laghetto offers free with the purchase of a Playa or Playa Living, but which can always be purchased from an Authorized Laghetto Dealer.

But how do you take care of the Playa Minipool? Simple. First of all, you need to regularly measure the water parameters with the Blue Check test strips found in the Playa Care box: just dip one into the water of the tub for a few seconds and compare the results with the parameters indicated on the package.

The fundamental values ​​to always keep monitored are chlorine and pH, which if kept in the correct ranges, guarantee maximum hygiene and comfort in the use of the Playa tub. For this reason, in the box you will also find ChlorTab, 20 g chlorine tablets to be used regularly, and pH Minus, a pH corrector to be used when necessary, dosing it as instructed with the special measuring cup included in the kit.

The kit also includes Alga Stop, to be added to the water to prevent the water from becoming cloudy or greenish; ZeroCal, which prevents any limescale deposits on the tub linings and CleanLiner, the detergent for cleaning the edges and walls of the tub.

These products must always be used with the utmost care and attention, scrupulously following the instructions on the individual packages.

With proper water care, Playa will always be at its peak performance and will allow you to enjoy all the pleasure of having an elegant, iconic and 100% functional mini-pool.

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