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Ready for the summer? Let’s re-open the pool!

Spring is here and the desire to enjoy the sun and open spaces explodes.

You start taking care of our garden again and there it is, your swimming pool, waiting for you to start taking care of it again and thinking about re-opening for the summer season.

But when do we really have to plan to reopen it?

  • First factor: the temperature.

As soon as the daytime temperature begins to stabilize at 20 ° C, it’s time to proceed, to avoid that leaving it covered favors the             proliferation of algae, which will make the color of the water turn green and with which we will then have to fight with chemical products to eliminate them. The right period therefore varies from year to year and from area to area: April, May or June, there is no fixed rule: let’s keep an eye on the thermometer and we’ll know when it’s time.

Never go beyond 6/7 months from the last treatment before the winter rest. In fact, the wintering and closing treatments guarantee the cleanliness of the water for no longer than 6 months, so you have to take this into consideration to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Starting from here, what should we do in practice?

  • Of course, remove the winter cover to check the water; then you will also have to check the technical parts (baskets, filters, pipes) and proceed with the filter and pump connections.
  • If you do not discover algae problems and if the water has not taken a greenish color, proceed with the first shock chlorine treatment to make the water bathable again, checking the chlorine and pH parameters after the treatments with the appropriate tools ( litmus papers, Bluecheck,…).
  • If there are no major technical problems when opening, start-up will take a couple of days at the most (after the chlorine shock treatment it is necessary to wait at least 24 hours before entering the water).
  • The care and cleaning of the areas adjacent to the pool is also always important, as it is essential to enter the water with special bath suites and to take care of personal hygiene, possibly rinsing under a quick shower before entering to avoid bringing with you sweat, sun creams and oils.

And now that your pool is ready, all you have to do is enjoy the best of the summer! Good summer!



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