A swimming pool simply... Divina - Piscine Laghetto

A swimming pool simply… Divina

A swimming pool simply… Divina

It’s called Divina and it’s the main novelty from Piscine Laghetto for 2021.

A new swimming pool concept that finds its strong point in the partially inground nature of the product: a 120 cm deep pool that is buried only 50 cm deep, without the need for any additional masonry work, which is therefore well suited to contexts where it is more difficult to create a classic in-ground pool or where you do not want to insert an above-ground pool for the entire height.

Divina, the latest addition to the Dolcevita range, already expresses in its name the style and charm that distinguish it: with Divina the pool becomes a classy piece of furniture for the garden, to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in a real pool, completed by fine hand-woven synthetic rattan that characterize the cover panels, offered in two colors that can adapt to any architectural context. The pool is embellished by a comfortable sunbathing area with a sunbed covered in nautical Sky where you can enjoy maximum relaxation lying in the sun next to the mirror of water. Finally, it is possible to add a coordinated living area with sofas and cushions to complete the set up at the top of elegance and comfort.

The special space incorporated into the structure of the pool, below the sunbathing area, contains the technical room for the instrumentation, easily accessible, which thus remains hidden from view and does not require additional space for the management of all the systems.

On a technical level, the masonry works are really reduced to the minimum: an excavation of about 55cm is enough, there is no need to build lateral walls to contain the ground because the pool kit provides the supporting structure and the side steel panels to contain it. The structure can therefore be installed both on a reinforced concrete slab or on a beaten earth floor.
Divina is not only beautiful: it also offers the possibility of being equipped with LED spotlights, a counter-current swimming system and a heat pump for heating the water, to combine the needs of style and elegance with the desire for fun for the whole family.

Beautiful, elegant, iconic, smart … simply Divina


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