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Beware of the Web!


In this particular summer, the web has been full of numerous offers for Piscine Laghetto proucts on on-line sales channels, even from companies that we do not know, that have nothing to do with our company, even though they claim to be Laghetto dealers.

For this reason, to protect our customers, we give some advice to avoid unpleasant situations.

First of all, we would like to remind you that on our site, on the DEALERS page, you will find a complete and reliable list of authorised retailers of Piscine Laghetto. In case of doubt, you can always contact us at to ask for more information about the sales network;

We would also like to remind you that only by purchasing from an Authorized Dealer will you have access to the Laghetto guarantee on the product, as well as all the assistance necessary for correct installation of the pool by competent and authorized personnel (an essential condition for the guarantee);

Always pay attention to any offers you find on the web, especially those that have extremely advantageous prices compared to the quotes of authorized dealers. There may be a reason for such a difference, but it is almost never a bargain for the purchaser.

Remember that sometimes spending less can be.. expensive!

Have a nice summer time #estateconlaghetto!

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