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Goodbye summer, thanks swimming pool!

The season is advancing and we need to start thinking about closing our pool for the winter time so that it is in perfect condition next spring.

Just a few simple rules to follow and the result will be a pool ready for use as soon as the season allows.

No more nostalgia for sunny afternoons spent being pampered by the water in our Laghetto Pools in this particular summer that has now given way to autumn.

But how do you manage an above-ground pool in winter? Is it necessary to empty and dismantle it? The answer is simple: with a series of simple operations to clean the water and the pool there is no need to remove the pool.

Of course, we need to dedicate some time to our swimming pool for a final cleaning and care treatment of the pool and water, but by doing this next spring we will be able to find our Laghetto perfectly functional, clean and ready to use.

Here are the simple steps needed to “put your pool to sleep” for the winter.

1) First rule: when? Simple, as soon as the water temperature stays below 15 degrees (even during the day), because lowering the temperature drastically reduces the proliferation of algae and bacteria.

2) An essential step is to clean the surface of the water with a net to remove any leaves or insects; you must then brush the walls of the tank thoroughly with the special mud vacuum cleaners and wash the skimmer baskets and the pump prefilter, if present.

3) At this point we move on to the chemical products: check the pH of the water – with simple test kits available in any specialised shop – which must be between 7.2 and 7.4 ppm. If it is not in this range, no problem, we can correct it with special products that raise or lower the value (pH+ and pH-), the same ones used during the summer.

4) Once the pH value is ok, our pool water will need a shock treatment by adding the indicated dose of chlorine to the skimmer in relation to the volume of water (the doses are given in the swimming pool instruction booklet), keeping the filtration system on for at least 24 hours.

5) The filter should also be cleaned: if it is a sand filter, there are specific anti-limescale products, cartridge filters should be washed well and if necessary treated with special products. Your local Laghetto dealer will be able to advise you on this too.

6) After the shock treatment, after at least 24 hours with the pump in operation, you must add the wintering product: in this case, depending on the geographical area and in case of particularly mild winters, you may need a second treatment; your Laghetto retailer will advise if and when to repeat the operation.

7) If frost is expected, keep the water level below the skimmers, empty the pipes and disconnect the pump from the recirculation. In any case, it is a good idea to avoid leaving the pump connected to the swimming pool because in the event of an unexpected frost, the possible presence of water could compromise it. We recommend that you disconnect the pump and store it in a place where the temperature does not fall below zero degrees.

8) Last operation: the cover. A suitable cover is essential to preserve the water until the next season: it must be waterproof (rainwater must not come into contact with the pool water) and must protect the water from the sun’s rays to prevent the formation of algae and bacteria. A good seal will also prevent the dispersion of chlorine.

Laghetto Pools – even those that are easy to assemble such as POP! and Classic – have resistant structures and can remain in place throughout the winter without any problems.

There is one fundamental rule that applies to all of them: the pool must never be left empty, which would compromise its operation.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact your Laghetto Authorised Dealer who will be able to suggest the most suitable solution for your needs.

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