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Create your own water lounge


In the garden, the pleasure of life on board

Home Design

Water with style.

Water with a thousand shapes is enclosed in the regular profiles of the woven rattan panels, in the perfect geometry of the tatami and cushions in soft nautical sky, for a sensation of pleasure and relaxation without limits.

The colours are those of timeless elegance: neutral and always up-to-date nuances, which adapt to every environment and every furnishing style. For those who love to live their moment of relaxation directly in the privacy of their own home, for those who pursue the ideal of style, for all lovers of Italian design and good taste, the Laghetto Home Design line is able to give the right answer.



Elegant weavings, tempered water and gentle hydromassage: the style of relaxation

Playa Living


Soft sunbathing area and coordinated living area for your water lounge

Playa Twin

Twice the relaxation beside the water


In your garden the pleasure of life on board